Writing cryptocurrency articles is an activity Joff Paradise embraces in his ongoing effort to educate investors. Bitcoin, the digital asset king, takes a good deal of know-how to navigate, secure, and trade. The past two years have seen a significant surge in the use of Bitcoin, with more and more regular people becoming interested. This increased adoption and curiosity don’t change the fact that the crypto-space is still complicated. A fact that has led to the loss of money by many newcomers, and that is not good for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Additionally, the 2018 bear market cycle resulted in losses experienced by many investing based on FOMO (fear of missing out). Ultimately, this correction could have a more lasting impact than past market trends.

The over-exuberance of investors when Bitcoin and other altcoins hit all-time highs in late 2017-early 2018 resulted in somewhat of a “crypto hangover”. A good number of newbies failed to do their own research before jumping in. Reading cryptocurrency articles and trading strategies posted by experienced bitcoiners would have helped identify risks to form successful plans. Others were enticed by the equally-uneducated to invest without realizing caution was required and greed was to be avoided.

A good number prospered greatly by learning how to trade, managing risk, and taking profits. Traders who bought low and sold high, while resisting unrealistic expectations saw incredible gains. Granted, that was not easy with inaccurate news, hype, speculation, and excitement running rampant. A good many scammers made out like the bandits they were, as well.

Even though a lot of investors are in the red with investments worth far less now, the only ones who lose are those who cash out for fiat. Informed investors realize Bitcoin is here to stay and worry less about price and more about accumulation. These lower prices mean bargain buys as they increase their portfolio, never buying more than they can afford to lose.

Recent Cryptocurrency Articles

Joff Paradise cryptocurrency articles explore various aspects of this amazing new asset. He writes about the pros and cons, highs and lows, in order to help investors take advantage of the potential while protecting their interests. That is not always easy, and everyone makes a mistake or two or ten – but the experiences are invaluable and worth sharing. Below is a list of recent posts, or you can watch many of these cryptocurrency articles in video format. For those interested in furthering their education now is the perfect time to learn, then invest.

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Bitcoin Trends for 2019 2018 Recap Before looking at possible Bitcoin trends for a new year, let’s quickly recap some of the highlights of 2018. In January 2018 the Bitcoin Lightning Network became live and software for this new payment channel layer was rolled…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Bitcoin Lightning Network News Need for Bitcoin Lightning In order to enable fast transactions and a possible solution to the scalability issues, Bitcoin Lightning Network is a second layer payment protocol that operates on top of the blockchain. This peer-to-peer…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Cryptocurrency KYC There is much debate regarding cryptocurrency KYC (know-your-customer) requirements among digital currency enthusiasts. The stipulations for KYC have long been an issue for those who place importance on their anonymity, but many also see KYC as a…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Cryptocurrency Wealth Transfer There have been many articles on the subject of cryptocurrency wealth transfer, but what exactly are they talking about? Pretty much everyone is aware that in 2017 a lot of investors lost money having bought Bitcoin at $20,000 during…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Cryptocurrency Bear Market A cryptocurrency bear market happens when the prices drop and lack of investor confidence causes the drop to be long-term as investors hope to avoid losses by selling off their holdings. Bitcoin hit its all-time high of $19,783 on December…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Bitcoin Adoption Statistics Bitcoin adoption is increasing, but what are the actual figures? At the beginning of January 2017, the price of Bitcoin was $979 and by the end of the year, it had exceeded and then retraced to around $14,000 – about a 1,329% increase for…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Buying Cryptocurrency in Bundles Never really considered buying cryptocurrency in a “product bundle” like a Microsoft Office suite or Adobe Creative Cloud software purchase but apparently, this is the latest thing from Coinbase. The biggest digital asset…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Bitcoin News: Millionaires Everybody loves to read Bitcoin news stories about ordinary people who made the right choices at the right time and became millionaires! It is uplifting and gratifying to feel that the same could happen to us. The link below gives details on…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Bitcoin Predictions Bitcoin Prediction:  Price So far, despite Bitcoin predictions, 2018 has not seen price levels as expected by many. Of course, what is to be expected when it comes to the price of Bitcoin, or altcoins?  Many entering the crypto space in late 2017…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Bitcoin Future Looks Bright Many people do not seem to see the Bitcoin future as being very promising…yet. Some are paranoid that Bitcoin will be banned or that it is in a bubble, has no intrinsic value, is not secure and can be hacked – the reasons are many….

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


Bitcoin Dominance The Bitcoin Dominance Index shows exactly how much the entire cryptocurrency economy is dominated by Bitcoin. Market capitalization is the total value of all digital assets in circulation at any given time – so, it is the combined value of Bitcoin,…

Cryptocurrency Articles by Joff Paradise


The Bitcoin Standard Saifedean Ammous’ book, The Bitcoin Standard, has been reviewed by just about everyone in the crypto-community by now. Rightfully so, because the book has done much to raise awareness and open eyes on the subject of currency in general, and…