Bitcoin videos are helpful tools because Bitcoin is complicated. It is hard to come up with suitable analogies to explain the concept – especially to non-techno people. Joff Paradise travels the world educating people from all walks of life about cryptocurrency and he realizes it can be like trying to explain an iPhone to an ancient Roman. Where would you start? And when you do start, you don’t really need to explain the inner workings of chips and circuits, but you do need an explanation of the basic concept of a telephone. If you’re old enough to remember, the Internet was also difficult to explain.

Blockchain, bitcoin, private keys, digital wallets, oh my! That’s a lot of text to read when giving an explanation. Enter the rise of video as the preferred tool online for conveying ideas and concepts and products. Body language and tone is very helpful when the message is complex.  So Joff Paradise uses bitcoin videos to deliver some of his blog posts and this makes certain topics much easier to understand. The spoken word trumps the written word with most site visitors today, so we hope you’ll review this valuable content and find worthwhile information!

Bitcoin Videos from Joff Paradise